Racing variator Malossi "Multivar" for HONDA SH I 125-150 i.e. ABS

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Variator… the scooter's soul. That is why the scooter tuning leading company Malossi has spent so many time and effort on it… And the results? Smashing!!! "Multivar" -the variator by Malossi- becomes a necessity for every scooter. The engines performance is given a boost on the whole rpm range. It works perfectly also with the original belt (though a Malossi belt is recommended). Its placement hides no secret, while the set is complete including almost everything you might need (rollers, reinforced springs -only when needed, sliders, variator plates, variator pin).


This product is suitable for the following scooters
Brand Model Type
HONDA SH i ABS 125 ie 4T LC euro 3 2013-> (JF41E) Scooter Maxi 2T - 4T
HONDA SH i ABS 150 ie 4T LC euro 3 2013-> (KF13E) Scooter Maxi 2T - 4T