Rollers Malossi, 24,0 gr, Ø 28x19,9mm

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Weight 230gr
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The Malossi rolls are of superior quality, while the weight variety is quite large. Choosing the right roll weight is a very important decision as this can influence the whole engine's performance!!! The factors that define the right weight are numerous: rider's weight , tuned exhausts, level of engine tuning etc. If you cannot decide which weight is right for you don't hesitate to ask our opinion...Don't forget that size and weight of the original rolls are available also in Malossi!!!


This product is suitable for the following scooters
Brand Model Type
HONDA SILVER WING 400cc Scooter Maxi 2T - 4T
HONDA SILVER WING 600cc Scooter Maxi 2T - 4T